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Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is done in patients with 90-95% loss of kidney function i.e. End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Owing to over 18 years of experience Ace Hospital is known as State-of-Art centre for renal transplant. This was possible due to the elbow grease of medical specialists, surgeons, and other staff who have worked in cohesion before and after the surgery.

We are also one of the pioneers in performing live-related renal transplant. We have one of the best survival rate graph for kidney transplant.


ACE Hospital Transplant Committee

1. Dr. Bernard Fanthome, Medical Director

2. Dr. Vikram Phatak

3. Dr. Bhalchandra Kashyapi

4. Shri. Hare, Retd. Judge

5. Mrs. Shailaja Mandke, MSW

6. Civil Surgeon General Hospital, Pune

Brain stem Death Committee

1. Dr. Bernard Fanthome, Medical Director

2. Dr. Bhushan Kinolkar, Intensivist

3. Dr. Parag Waste, Physician

4. Dr. Kaustubh Dindikar, Neurosurgeon

5. Dr. Rahul Kulkarni, Neurologist

6. Dr. Mangesh Udar, Neurologist


Transplant Patient List

Date of TransplantReceipents NameDonor NameRelation
06/01/2015 Mr.Khilare Sunil Mr.Khilare Ramchandra Son-Father
17/06/2015 Mr.Pathan Firoz Mrs.Pathan Nurjan Son-Mother
06/09/2015 Mr. Thombre Kumar Mrs.Neelam Thombre Husband -Wife
07/07/2015 Mr.Gawande Akash Mrs.Gawande Chaya Son-Mother
14/07/2015 Mr. Kothari Pankaj Mrs.Vaishali Shah Sister-Brother
21/07/2015 Mr.Bansode Yellappa Mrs.Bansode Meera Husband-wife
16/09/2015 Mr.Jadhav Ramchandra Mrs.Jadhav Mangala Husband-wife
22/09/2015 Mr.Agarkar Dilip Mrs.Agarkar Nanda Husband-wife
23/09/2015 Mrs.Bande Sulochana Mrs.Bhosale Suman Sister-Sister
15/09/2015 Mr.Takali Shivkumar Mr.Takali Annappa Father-Son


Kidney Transplant Procedure successfully done at Ace Hospital