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Surgical Oncology

It is the branch of Oncology which uses surgical methods to diagnose, stage and treat cancer and palliate symptoms of cancer. Once the diagnosis is established and disease staged, the scope and extent of surgery feasible is decided in consultation with the patient depending on factors such as type, size, location, and stage of the tumour as well as general health factors such as age, physical fitness and other coexisting medical conditions. For many patients multi-modality treatment is offered, including radiation treatment, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and surgery as one of the continuum of cancer care. Currently the surgical Oncology team is headed by Dr. Bernard Fanthome, MS, FICS, FAIS a highly skilled and versatile, generalist, with special interest in Organ Conserving Surgery for Cancer. The focus of expertise at Ace Hospital is on Breast Cancer Surgery, Thyroid Surgery, Head & Neck Cancer Surgery, Gastric Cancer Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Pancreas, Liver and Gall Bladder Surgery, Surgery for Paediatric Solid Tumours, Oesophageal and Thoracic Surgery, Genitourinary Surgery and Gynaecologic Oncology Surgery.